Custom Wine Cellars

Whether your project is a residential home custom wine cellar or a commercial wine storage display area, it’s straight forward to get started. Quality and communication throughout the design, build, and installation process are the standard we hold ourselves to. Small or large wine cellars, garage wine cellars, basement wine cellars, under-stair alcove wine cellars, ultra-modern glass display wine cellars and traditional wood wine cellars all can be designed and built to your unique requirements.

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Custom Wine Cellar Contractors and Wine Storage Specialists

One of the owner has experience 40 years plus in custom wine cellar build , in Europe. Constructed thousands of beautiful custom wine cellar projects in luxury homes, restaurants, and hotels across the USA. We carry a full line of products to enjoy and protect your investment in fine wines, ranging from small, refrigerated wine cabinets, to racking and cooling units for your dream cellar. Our wine cellar contractors are wine storage experts and would love to talk to you about building and caring for your collection.


Temperature Controlled Wine Storage Cabinets

A lack of space doesn’t make wine collecting impossible. You just have to get a bit creative. If a full wine cellar is not an option, modern wine collectors have a variety of sophisticated tools to help ensure that their wine collection ages to perfection. Options offered by Vintage Cellars include Wine Cellar Cabinets, Wine Refrigerators, Credenzas, and Walk-Ins. All of these temperature-controlled wine storage cabinets are a good alternative to an entire wine cellar. Wine storage cabinets can be placed anywhere in your home and are just as good at maintaining an ideal storage temperture. If you’re unsure which is right for you, feel free to get in contact with us. Our experts will help you choose a wine cabinet that is best for you and your wine.


Type of Wine Cabinets

Vintage Series Wine Cabinet.
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Wine Cellar Cabinets Brands.
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Santa Maria Glass and Metal Refrigerated Wine.
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Bel-Air Wine Cellars Stone.
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Wine Cellars Modern Wood Finish Beverly Crest.
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Wine Cellars Display Metal Acrylic Racking Luxury.
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Wine Cellars Custom Lighting Display Ultra Modern.
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Torrey Pines San Diego Dining Room.
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Wine Cellar Ideas

Designers Gallery

Rich All Wood Wine Cellar Experts Storage Room Laguna Niguel Orange County California.

  • For inspiration for a wine cellar style in your home? If you are, you are in the right place. To help you, we have put together a gallery of images of custom wine cellars. Below you will see many different styles of wine cellar and display types. From rustic, and traditional, to contemporary modern, wood, steel, glass, and acrylic construction.

Santa Barbara Custom Wine Cellar Installation Wood Eelegant Traditional.

  • Simply look through the various images and not the number of the design type you like. Call our wine cellar design specialists or complete our simple designer’s form. Find out the custom wine cellar costs for under stair and closet projects, wine cellar doors, basement cellars, and cellars with cooling systems.

Cable Wine Display Contemporary Modern Custom Cellars Designers Choice Yorba Linda Orange County California.

  • We have built custom wine cellars in both residential homes, new construction, and commercial properties. You will see projects we have completed in a broad range of locations from to Miami, Florida. And lots of placed in-between.